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“Computer labs are instrumental in helping students learn, work with software programs. Most importantly, these IT labs enable learners to acquire digital skills critical in the modern workplace without having to purchase their own hardware and software..”
Computer lab
“Study the structure of atoms and molecules and master different techniques in the chemistry lab. Designed for introductory courses and high school classes, learn the fundamentals of chemistry in our Principles of Chemistry simulations..”
chemistry lab
“Botany laboratory is well equipped for undergraduate students to perform various Botany practicals which are necessary for the study of the structure, properties and biochemical processes of all forms of plantlife as well as plant classification, plant diseases and the interaction of plants with their physical ….”
Botany Lab
“The design and function of a physics lab has changed throughout the years. With the invention of computers and highly sophisticated computer software, modern physics labs allow scientists to run complicated computer simulations as part of laboratory experiments. .”
physics lab

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Campus Recruitment Training(CRT) Programme is designed to train students in arithmetic,reasoning, English as well as Group discussion, Interviews etc.., The type of Training is useful not only for preparing students for jobs in multinational companies but also for banking & Govt jobs etc.,


As part of this English and Communication Skill Development programme we are conducting a 4 year program to make students proficient English & Communication Skills. For proficiency in the English language, students are trained with programs such as JAM, ROLE PLAY..,


Career Counselling is an art of understanding the pain points of the students and Guide them. The program will help students to see a variety of available career options that would help them to acquire new horizon of jobs, how to develop plans to reach their-educational and occupational goals.

What our Students say

Because of Sri Pragathi College, I found my passion, started a company and succeeded in my life 
A.Daveedu Raju
I chose Sri Pragathi college as the best choice I made in my life. Because of that, I am working in a TCS company now.
I am proud to say that I am a student of Sri Pragathi College. I got placed in 4 MNCs because of Sri Pragthi College Guidance.

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